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Fifty Shades of Grey, Moscow Style

Who needs fanfiction-based BDSM movies when you can have a spanking good time in Moscow instead?

As "Fifty Shades of Grey" hits movie theaters in Russia this week, we show you that grey is in the eye of the beholder. So step aside, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, and make room for genuinely glorious grey — from the cobblestones of Red Square to the wallpaper lining Leonid Brezhnev's home.

To start your Tour de Grey of Moscow, scroll through the images we have collected or click on an individual photo for a closer look and more information. You'll soon be exploring the city in all its shades faster than you can say: "Twilight-inspired erotica."

Photos by Delphine D'Amora, Pascal Dumont, Vladimir Filonov, Katharina Kierig, Anja Negendanck, Katrin Scheib, Birgit Schmeitzner and Igor Tabakov, code by Sara Soueidan. Supported by Agentur Doppelstern.

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