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Tver Sees Run on Bottled Water After Pipe Bursts

A major pipe providing water for Tver burst Sunday.

Running water has been restored to the city of Tver after an accident at a local utility saw local residents stock up on bottled water and stores run short on supplies, a news report said.

A major pipe providing water for Tver burst Sunday, causing running water to dry out in taps throughout this city with a population of nearly half a million, the local Tverigrad news site reported.

The lack of running water caused a run on the local stores for the bottled variety, leading many vendors to sell out of their supplies by Sunday night, the report said.

By Monday, water had been restored to the city after repairs were carried out late Sunday, the local utility Tver Vodokanal said in a statement on its website.

Accidents have left Tver without running water at least three times during the past three years, the report said. In one of the incidents in May, 2012, it took utility workers four days to fully restore water supplies to the city, the report said.

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