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Police Shut Down Brothel and Drug Den in Southern Moscow

Moscow police have detained nine people after rolling up a brothel and drug den run by Vietnamese immigrants, a news report said.

An unidentified spokesperson for the Moscow branch of the Federal Drug Control Service said

six women and three men had been arrested after a raid on an apartment in a residential building on Belorechenskaya Ulitsa, news agency Interfax reported Wednesday.

The spokesperson said the apartment was being used as a drug den and brothel by immigrants from Vietnam and police had confiscated methamphetamines found on the scene.

Three male suspects are in pre-trial detention awaiting a criminal case, while the six female detainees have been handed over to the Federal Migration Service, where it will be determined whether they were residing in Russia illegally, Interfax cited the spokesperson as saying.

The source added the women had rarely ventured outside the apartment, since they lacked any identification documents, Interfax reported.

Suspects tried to destroy any evidence of drug use at the scene and one of the male suspects claimed to suffer a heart attack, though medics later determined he had been faking it, Interfax said.

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