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5 Things to Lift Your Spirits After Russia's World Cup Opening Match

Russia's Igor Akinfeev reacts to conceding a goal to South Korea's Lee Keun-ho during their 2014 World Cup Group H football match at the Pantanal arena in Cuiaba.

A terrible blunder followed by a redeeming goal — Russia's opening soccer match at the World Cup against South Korea on Tuesday night resulted in an untidy 1-1 draw that left Russia fans invariably disappointed.

But don't despair, we've lined up five reasons why you, a Russia fan, should count your blessings.

1. You managed to stay awake (did you?) throughout the entire snooze fest.

Granted, Russia is not as bad —yet— as the Greek team at the Euro Championships in 2004, whose negative tactics saw them bore their way to victory.

Although some are starting to get worried.

Sports website Sport Express' review of the match on Wednesday headlined: “Stop Turning Russia Into Greece!”

2. You're not alone (in your despair).

Russia's goalie Igor Akinfeyev had a terrible night, fumbling a shot into the goal. Luckily the social media world was full of sympathy.

3. The Russian language just gained an extra verb.

Alexander Kerzahkov, who saved Russia from defeat with his 74th minute goal, can apparently also be used as a verb judging by today's story in Sport Express. "Кержаков закержаковил так, что мало не показалось" or, roughly, "Kerzhakov was so on fire that he out-Kerzhakoved himself."

4. Russia fans will compensate for any lull in the match.

Even if the match itself may put you to sleep, Russia supporters are more than willing to make up for their team's dull performance. See here Russian tennis player Maria Kirilenko's selfie, for example:

5. And, finally — there is still hope.

The last time Fabio Capello was at the World Cup as coach of England in 2010, he also started off with a 1-1 draw. His side drew the second 0-0, won the third 1-0 and made it to the last 16. If Russia does the same it will be the first time in  it makes it past the group stages.

Then again, England did then get trashed 4-1 by Germany. If Russia faces the U.S. in the next round, a similar result would not bode well for world peace.

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