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Russian Economic Development Ministry to Help Glonass Break Into Market

Glonass signed a collaboration agreement with the Economic Development Ministry on Friday.

Russia's Economic Development Ministry on Friday signed an agreement to collaborate with Glonass to increase the satellite navigation firm's market share worldwide.

The agreement, signed at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, will enable Glonass to receive "valuable, relevant and reliable information" about potential market opportunities, Glonass chief Alexander Gurko said, Interfax reported.

Glonass is a satellite navigation system that is being developed by the Russian Federal Space Agency for military and commercial applications, and is intended to rival the American GPS system for use in everyday navigation services, such as those used in transport.

The deal is also aimed at promoting applications and devices that use Glonass, like the ERA-Glonass emergency response system, Gurko was quoted as saying by Interfax.

Russia would like to see Glonass used by the members of the Customs Union, as well as Brazil, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Glonass's services have not yet been widely adopted by the market, as many navigation services still prefer GPS. Russia has been making a concerted effort to achieve parity with GPS by making Glonass more accurate.

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