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Ural Mountains Foundry Honors Crimea Annexation With Putin Coins

Commemorative coins featuring President Vladimir Putin.

A foundry in the Ural Mountains will honor the annexation of Crimea into Russia with a series of commemorative coins featuring President Vladimir Putin and an outline of the Black Sea peninsula.

The "'Crimea 2014 collection" will include 25 sterling silver and gold-plated "coins," each the size of a palm and weighing 1 kilogram, the Chelyabinsk studio and foundry Art-Grani said on its website.

"The head side of the coin features a relief image of Russian President V.V. Putin, a man who has taken upon himself the responsibility for the people of Crimea; the tail side features the contour of the Crimean peninsula," the statement said.

It was not immediately clear when the Crimea coins may be released, or what their offering price will be.

The studio, which advertizes the coins with the slogan "1 kilogram of generosity", said it had been commemorating Russia's "great dates, events and contemporary heroes in noble metals" for 15 years.

The foundry also produces privately commissioned coins with a "hero" of choice. Price rates were not specified.

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