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B2B: Russian Foreign Trade issues: How to resolve them?

The MT Conferences section did not involve the reporting or the editorial staff of The Moscow Times. 

Did you face difficulties with import into Russia? You are running out of time and need a complex foreign trade situation to be resolved? — That is a normal situation when your company is involved with Foreign Trade to Russia.

Most companies dealing with Customs clearance and foreign trade activities refuse to deal with complicated import/export procedures. Customs clearance of simple products is all they offer.

Here, the question where to go and what to do, arises.

If you have a product to be imported into the Russian Federation and a Buyer wishing to purchase it but with condition not to participate in Customs formalities. Here the Trading Company can help you. It can arrange full set of door-to-door services. Purchases the goods, arranges export/import formalities and certifications, sells the goods to the final recipient in rubles following the instructions and payment condition of the Seller. In addition, local storage and distribution can be arranged resulting in quick delivery times.

The import of spare parts is usually associated with great troubles mainly because of volumes of work to be done in assigning HS codes for parts and their certification.

Supplies of warranty parts and samples free-of-charge does not have to be a challenge. Trading company can act on behalf of the exporter/importer incurring all cost and responsibility, organizing full range of services starting from preparation of documents for export from any country up to the final delivery to a recipient in Russia.

Import of a turn-key project and processing lines can be done in a smooth and efficient way by obtaining the Customs Classification Document or arranging simultaneous arrival of the trucks/containers at the Customs terminal. This procedure reduces expenditures on import duties and certification.

If the equipment must be imported into the Russian Federation on temporary basis for repair, exhibition or any other occasion, the most suitable and cost-effective solution can be offered and executed by Trading Company.

There are no unsolvable foreign trade issues, but knowledge and experience are required!

By Zubrilina Anastasia

Head of the Foreign Trade Department

Noble House Group Russia

The MT Conferences section did not involve the reporting or the editorial staff of The Moscow Times. 

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