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Far East Coal Terminal Halted Over Environmental Concerns

The governor of the Primorye region in the Far East has stopped the construction of a coal terminal after local residents voiced concerns about possible damage to the environment.

An international coal terminal was planned to be a part of the Slavyankinsky ship repair facility, but Slavyanka villagers wrote a letter to Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky on Monday, saying the construction would significantly harm the area, which is home to a marine-life sanctuary and the Land of the Leopard national park, created last year.

A senior local politician, Sergei Ovchinnikov, delivered the letter signed by more than 2,000 residents over a period of three days to the governor. The village has a population of 13,000.

Miklushevsky immediately suspended the project.

"I agree with the residents. There is no need to turn this resort into a polluted place," the governor said in a statement.

He said he would ask the local legislature and the Slavyanka village administration to prepare an agreement that would permanently end the construction of the coal terminal.

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