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20,000 Denied Foreign Travel Due to Debt

Almost 20,000 Russians have been denied travel outside the country in the first half of the year due to outstanding debts, the Federal Bailiff Service said Wednesday.

"In the first six months of 2013, bailiffs issued 19,533 decisions on temporary foreign travel restrictions for delinquent debtors," the agency's spokesman told Interfax.

He said travel restrictions had helped to collect over 710 million rubles ($21.8 million) of previous debts.

The official noted that imposing restrictions on foreign travel is one of the most effective measures prompting debtors "to immediately settle their liabilities on various court-approved claims".

The Federal Bailiff Service recommends all people who plan to travel abroad on their vacations to inquire at the local service's office whether they have any outstanding debts or use the special information service on the agency's official website.

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