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300 Motorcyclists Blockade Traffic Police Department (Video)

About 300 motorcyclists laid siege to a traffic police department in southern Moscow after a fellow-biker was attacked for intervening in the aftermath of an earlier car accident.

The original incident took place at the intersection of the Third Ring Road and Volgogradsky Prospekt when a Lada carrying three male passengers from the Caucasus collided with a Volkswagon Jetta, Andrei Rodionov, a member of the biker community, told Interfax.

The three men verbally abused the female Jetta-driver, prompting the biker who witnessed the crash to intervene. At this point, the three men took out baseball bats and dealt the biker several blows, leaving him crumpled on the ground.

Although the biker wanted to forget about the incident, word soon spread and a group of 300 motorcyclists descended on the traffic police department on Ulitsa Pryamikova where the three men had been taken to complete paperwork relating to the car crash.

The video footage shows the bikers gathered in the street outside the traffic police's office.

When it became clear that the men would not be charged with assault, the bikers decided to block the exits from the building to stop them leaving. After three hours, the group dispersed.

A police statement said that a number of motorcyclists had pulled up outside the station and that a decision on the original case was still pending.

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