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Number of Foreign Tourists Up 9%

The number of foreign tourists coming to Russia in the first four months of 2013 is up 9 percent on the previous year, Interfax reported Monday.

Russia attracted 248,100 tourists during the first four months of 2013, according to the State Statistical Service.

The most numerous visitors were: the Chinese, with 30,500 visitors; the Germans, with 23,800; the Turks, with 23,700; the Israelis, with 14,200; and the French, with 12,600.

The largest increase in numbers came from Cuba, with 139 percent more visitors than last year. The Philippines and the UAE saw rises of 90 percent and 58 percent.

At the same time 51 percent fewer Tunisian tourists came to Russia, 23 percent fewer Poles, and 17 percent fewer Finns.

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