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Reputed Georgian Mobster Nabbed in Tula Region

Tula region police said Friday that they have detained a reputed Georgian-born mobster known by the nickname "Chuto Khonsky."

David Kurasbediani, 44, who also goes by "Chutala," was detained during an anti-mob operation after police learned that he had been living illegally in Tula and carrying out criminal activities, police said in a statement.

A search of Kurasbediani's person revealed a Russian passport issued under the name Vagan Grigoryan that police said showed evidence of being fake.

A criminal case has been opened into the alleged forgery. Kurasbediani was arrested and is being held by investigators.

Kurasbediani was crowned a "vor v zakone," or "thief in law," in 2001. He was sentenced to nine years in prison in 1998 for a series of robberies, and to three years in 2007 for illegal possession of heroin, reported.

video posted on YouTube last year shows Kurasbediani admitting to being a mobster.

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