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RDIF Creates Pre-IPO Fund

A Pre-IPO fund, formed by the Russian Direct Investment Fund and a consortium of foreign investors, is mulling over 10 projects for investment, RDIF head Kirill Dmitriyev said on the sidelines of a financial forum Wednesday, Interfax reported.

"We've created a pre-IPO consortium, which invests in pre-IPO processes on the Russian stock exchange. We are now looking at over 10 similar instances and will actively support Russian issuers," he said. Dmitriyev added that discussions are under way with several Russian companies, which have already made share placements on foreign exchanges, concerning additional placements on the Russian market.

"We are in discussion with several issuers that have made placements on foreign exchanges, such as the Mat I Ditya Clinic, so that they make additional placements on the Russian stock market. We hope that more issuers start returning to Russia," he added.


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