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Does Sleep Experience Influence a Traveler's Choice?

Elena Belashova

General Manager of Crowne Plaza
World Trade Center Moscow

If you ask what makes a perfect stay experience at a hotel you might want to visit, there appear to be several answers that are more or less dependent on a person's preferences. But there are also some that would be the same for anyone you ask. Clean and tidy room? Definitely. Delicious meals? Sure. Great value for money? Of course, you would want to get the best quality for the sum you paid. Great sleep experience? Yes, and this issue has lately started to come on top of many other things for more and more travelers.

According to recent surveys, about 81 percent of travelers prove that bed and sleep experience is the most important attribute when choosing a place to stay. Hoteliers all over the world understand that if you want to keep the client and make him return again and again, you must deliver the ultimate sleep experience that would make him want to stay in bed forever without even thinking of leaving it. But if he has to leave the sheets, the client should be relieved and full of energy to continue his activities and his trip. And it is not just the soft bed and good linen that makes up the experience and the final impression. A good night sleep is always something more than "just a comfy bed."

So what is the basis of a perfect night's rest? To solve the mystery we could have a look at many different Sleep Programs of various hotel chains, from Marriotts to InterContinentals. Most of them offer wonderful bedding — and that really is the basis to start with. But once again if we take a closer look and try to investigate, we will understand that perfect bedding is not enough. Crowne Plaza brand conducted great research and developed a simple but rather efficient program called Sleep Advantage (SA).

Of course, SA does start with a simple basis: improved bedding with soft mattresses, light covers and fluffy cushions, all linen made from 100 percent cotton of the best quality. Knowing that most people involved in decision-making business processes and traveling experience problems with their sleep and rest, Crowne Plaza developed special helpful room amenities to use. Sleep Doctor tips developed by Dr. Chris Idzikowski (Founder and Chairman of the British Sleep Society) and published in a sleek little brochure gives hints on how to minimize stress and prepare your body for a revitalizing rest. And the very interesting part of the "must" amenities is the aromatherapy kit. It is widely known that aromas can influence a person's mood, behavior and habits. The best fragrance for relaxation is lavender flowers. They help to fall asleep and there are not many people who dislike this delicate tender scent. It is strongly recommended to sprinkle some scent on the pillow and the body pulse points and you will be gone in a moment.

And the last but certainly not the least point that makes up the best sleep experience is quiet. The absence of any noises will help to completely relax you and get the right portion of energy needed for a great start to the day.

When it comes to our hotel, Crowne Plaza Moscow WTC implemented this program in the year 2009 and since then we have received only happy and positive feedbacks on Sleep Advantage. Our clients keep on coming back just for this great opportunity to get up, even if early, completely revitalized, with a fantastic mood and full of energy to keep successfully going on with all their activities. As a result, our clients are happy and we have got them to stay loyal to our hotel as well as to the Crowne Plaza brand.

In the end, it is possible to say "Yes," a great sleep experience does influence a traveler's choice. The example of Crowne Plaza Moscow WTC speaks for itself. Whether you are a business traveler or a leisure traveler, you need a great rest at the end of the day to start your morning full of strength. Remember: A great night's sleep is the pledge of success.

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