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Warm Weekend Is on Its Way

Municipal workers clearing fallen leaves Tuesday in Alexandrovsky Sad. Igor Tabakov

Moscow will enjoy a warm weekend, with the temperature expected to rise to 4-5 degrees Celsius on Wednesday and then to 8-9 degrees on Saturday, a warm change after an exceptionally snowy few days.

"It is expected that on Saturday and Sunday the night temperature will not drop below zero but will reach 8-9 degrees during the day," said an official with the state weather bureau for Moscow and the Moscow region, Interfax reported.

On Tuesday, the weather is expected to be cloudy with light snow and rain and the temperature hovering around freezing. Winds of 5-10 meters per second are forecast, with gusts of up to 12-15 meters per second. While the temperature will dip below freezing Tuesday night, it will warm up to 4-5 degrees on Wednesday and 2-3 degrees on Thursday.

Just a week ago, Moscow witnessed a dramatic opening to a snow season with the first light snow flurries on Oct. 24, temperatures below freezing during the week, and a heavy snowfall on Sunday, paralyzing traffic and forcing the city services to work overtime as they dealt with the slush.

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