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Altai Man Survives on Hay and Snow for a Month

An Altai man lived for a month in a haystack. Above, hay bales in the Kaluga region. Maxim Stulov

A man in the Altai region was found in a haystack over the weekend, having been spent a month there surviving on straw and snow after getting lost while under the influence.

The man left his home in a village in the Tselinny district of Altai, a Siberian region bordering Kazakhstan, on March 22, local police told Interfax. He was drunk and became lost, eventually deciding to crawl inside a haystack so as not to freeze.

A group of tractor drivers found him Sunday, his toes frostbitten and his body "extremely light," police said.

He told police he had sustained himself by eating hay and snow. He said he hadn't left the field because he was afraid of becoming more lost.

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