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Gypsy Cab Serial Killer Gets Life

Serial murderer Vladimir Mirgorod was given a life sentence for the killings of 15 women and children in the north and northeast regions of Moscow from 2002 to 2004.

Mirgorod would meet women, offer to drive them home, then strangle and rape his victims, Moi Raion reported.

In 2003, Mirgorod murdered one of his victims in her home, but was unable to leave the apartment without the key to the external door. When the victim's son arrived several hours later, Mirgorod attacked and killed him as well.

Mirgorod had already faced previous convictions, spending five years in prison on charges of rape and robbery. After he was released in 2010, investigators were able to match his fingerprints to those found near the murder scene of four girls. Mirgorod confessed to the killings, and the testimony of 100 witnesses and victims as well as DNA evidence was presented at the trial.

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