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U.K. Writer Dies After Bar Rumble

A British travel author was killed in a Moscow hotel after getting into a fight with a barman and slamming his head on a table when he was knocked down, it was reported Monday.

Colin Adams — who was reported as being either 60 or 70 years old — was drinking at a bar in the sprawling Cosmos Hotel near the All-Russia Exhibition Center on Saturday night when he got into a fight with 21-year-old barman Artyom Okhotin, RIA-Novosti reported.

What caused the fight is unclear, but Adams, author of "The Mountain Walker's Guide to Wales," died soon after striking his head.

"In the course of the fight, the barman shoved the British citizen, who fell and hit his head and died before the arrival of an ambulance," a police spokesman told the news service.

It was not Adams' first trip to Moscow, his companion Marianna told

"He came for new experiences," she said. "He didn't smoke and didn't abuse alcohol. Sometimes in the evening, he liked to sit in a bar and drink a beer."

Okhotin was released on his recognizance following the fatal incident, but the investigation is continuing, police said.

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