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New Kiosk Model Unveiled in Moscow

The first of a new model of kiosks was installed on Tverskaya Ulitsa on the night of June 23.

"The 'Classic' model kiosk set up on Tverskaya is a prototype, costing about 420,000 rubles [$14,820]. This price includes the frame, internal electric equipment and installation. It's manufactured with advanced composites that do not rust," the manufacturer's spokesman, Yevgeny Kobzar, told reporters, according to RIA-Novosti.

The Moscow architecture committee developed a new layout of stalls and architectural details that, city authorities think, would fit harmoniously in city streets, squares and parks. "Classic" models will be placed in the center of Moscow. "Modern" kiosks are to be installed in the Kremlin zone. "Contemporary" and "Universal" models are planned for other areas.

"In the near future we are going to install another 32 objects on Tverskaya from Mokhovaya Ulitsa to Mayakovsky square. The five kiosk types are for beverages, periodicals, flowers, domestic services and theater tickets," said Alexei Biryukov, acting deputy prefect of the Central Administrative District.

According to Biryukov, merchants can order kiosks from any manufacturer. The main issue is that the kiosk style does not differ from the standard offerings of the architecture committee. The Central Administrative District is planning to replace or install 1,613 modules.

"Empty spaces designated for the installation of these units will be raffled off at auction. Those companies that have land lease agreements are to change the object's appearance and set it up at their own expense," Biryukov added.

Mayor Sergei Sobyanin criticized small-scale retail in the city and instructed that it be made "civilized," prompting the mass removal of stalls that blocked the movement of vehicles and pedestrians.

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