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Domodedovo Employees Filmed Stealing

Two employees at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport have been fired and face up to five years in prison after they were caught on video stealing passengers' belongings, news reports said Monday.

Sergei Anikin and Svetlana Kudinova were filmed by surveillance cameras in two separate incidents taking items left near their workplaces by careless travelers, said, which published the incriminating footage.

Anikin is accused of taking a bag with a Canon camera worth 26,000 rubles ($920), and he managed to take dozens of pictures of his family before being detained by transportation police, the report said.

Kudinova is accused of taking a driver's license and 3,500 rubles in cash from a bag left by a passenger on a conveyor belt at a screening station and throwing the bag in a trash can, Komsomolskaya Pravda said. A Tajik janitor later fished out the bag, which contained other documents and clothes.

Both former employees face theft charges, RIA-Novosti said.

A mentally ill woman managed to board a plane to Dushanbe, Tajikistan, at Domodedovo Airport on Monday even though she didn't have a passport, Interfax reported. Domodedovo police were investigating the incident.

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