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Chapman's Site Registered Ahead of Arrest

There might be more to Anna Chapman than meets the eye.

A web site opened this month by Chapman, the redheaded spy returned to Russia in a swap last summer, was actually registered in April 2010, two months before her arrest, Novaya Gazeta reported Wednesday, citing the database of the Russian Institute for Public Networks.

No explanation was provided for the timing of the registration of the domain name so far in advance of Chapman's June arrest and July deportation to Russia.

Chapman, along with nine other agents, pledged guilty to spying while in the United States. They were exchanged for four people convicted on spy charges in Russia.

Chapman became a celebrity upon her return to Russia, where she posed semi-nude for men's magazines, won a seat on the public council of the ruling United Russia party's youth wing and received her own television show. Speculation has circulated that she might run in the State Duma elections in December.

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