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Medvedev Tweets About Skipping Dinner

President Dmitry Medvedev had to skip a meal to finish his state-of-the-nation address, he said Tuesday in a reply to a Twitter post by a user who wrote that the president appeared to her in a dream.

“I had a dream today about @MedvedevRussia. We dined in some dark castle and talked about Twitter,” Irina Smbatyan wrote Tuesday, referring to the president's microblogging account.

“I had no dinner at all yesterday. Was working on the address,” Medvedev wrote back just minutes later, ending his post with a smile emoticon.

Smbatyan elaborated on her dream for The Moscow Times, saying the castle was dimly lit and that she and Medvedev were wearing present-day outfits.

She admitted that she did not expect a reply, but the presidential message “gave her an energy boost for the whole day.” Smbatyan added that she liked Medvedev because of his “strong spirit.”

“I was told that you can dream about the president only out of big, big love,” she wrote in another Twitter post.

Smbatyan, 23, is a public relations director for the Russian Association of Electronic Communications, a lobbying group for social media outlets. She is also an avid blogger with an interest in politics and was involved in a 2007 campaign by the Central Elections Commission to boost vote awareness among young people.

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