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Rock Songs 'Extremist'

Songs by ultranationalist rock band Tsiklon-B (Zyklon B) and disbanded heavy metal group Bezumnye Usiliya (Mad Efforts) have been ruled extremist and banned by a Moscow region court, the Prosecutor General’s Office said on its web site Monday.

The ban covers Tsiklon-B’s songs “For the Russian Nation” and “The Russian Order,” as well as Bezumnye Usiliya’s “Skinhead,” the report said.

An unidentified Moscow region resident who sold homemade CDs containing banned songs by both bands faces a fine of 2,000 rubles ($64) for piracy.

Twelve songs by Tsiklon-B — which draws its name from a gas used to murder prisoners in Nazi concentration camps — were previously on a federal list of extremist materials.


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