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Don-Stroi Agrees to Shorten High-Rise

Don-Stroi will reduce the height of one of its high-rise building complexes by 21 meters to comply with Moscow authorities, the developer said Monday.

In June, City Hall said it would require the developer to demolish eight or nine stories of Dom na Mosfilmovskoi, an apartment complex under construction in southwest Moscow.

"The city authorities made a decision on the necessity of reducing the height of the housing complex Dom na Mosfilmovskoi to 192 meters. The decision is based upon the necessity of following Moscow's height regulations," Don-Stroi said in a statement.

The complex was intended to consist of three sections of seven, 32 and 47 stories, with a total area of 219,000 square meters.

The statement said the change will have no effect on the complex's technical specifications or its safety.

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