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Would-Be Erotic Dancer Forces Flight Back to Domodedovo

ALondon-bound flight was forced toreturn toDomodedovo Airport shortly after takeoff Friday morning after adrunk female passenger began stealing other passengers’ eyeglasses andattempted toperform anerotic dance, transportation police said, RIA-Novostireported.

Fifteen minutes intoBMI flight BD0896, which took off at7:15 a.m., cabin crew received word that the woman was acting strangely anddisturbing other passengers, the report said.

Thewoman, a native ofAlmetyevsk inthe republic ofTatarstan, was so disruptive that thecrew decided toreturn toDomodedovo Airport, where theAirbus A-320 landed safely at8:30 a.m.

Thewould-be erotic dancer was detained andsent toa hospital inDomodedovo fora medical examination. Authorities were deciding what disciplinary action should betaken against her, anInterior Ministry spokesman said.

Thespokesman added that thewoman acted normally prior tothe flight, andhe speculated that she had alow tolerance foralcohol.

Interfax said the unidentified woman was born in 1972, making her 38 or 39 years old.

Theflight’s departure was rescheduled for5 p.m., adelay ofalmost 10 hours, according toBMI’s web site.

In a separate incident Friday, a drunken Russian journalist was removed from a Simferopol-Moscow flight, Interfax reported.

The man, identified only as the editor-in-chief of the news site, appeared so intoxicated that Transaero officials feared he might pose a threat to the other passengers, so he was taken off the flight at the Ukrainian airport. Police confirmed through a subsequent alcohol test that he was drunk and later released him.

The site does not provide the name of its editor or other staff.

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