Russian Regional College Denies Burning Books

LearningLark / Flickr

The northwest Russian republic of Komi's Education Ministry has denied that books published with Soros Foundation support were burned at a local college, the Interfax news agency reported Thursday.

The information provided the college director regarding the incineration of 53 books published with the support of the Soros Foundation was was misinterpreted by media outlets, a regional Education Ministry spokesperson said, Interfax reported.

The books have been withdrawn from circulation and stored in a warehouse, Interfax reported. A spokesperson from the college said that it is common practice to incinerate books that have been deemed worn or unnecessary.

Culture Minister Vladimir Medina condemned the reports of book burning and promised to investigate the incident.

In late November 2015, the Soros Foundation was declared “undesirable” in Russia — the Prosecutor General's office stated it was endangering Russia's constitutional order and the country's security. NGOs deemed “undesirable” are obligated to cease operating in Russia.

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