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Lady Lawmaker Gets Concussion

State Duma Deputy Nina Volkova, a member of the Rossia faction from Kemerovo, sustained a concussion from her involvement in Saturday's fight at the Duma session involving the ultranationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Yevgenia Tishkovskaya, Itar-Tass reported Tuesday.

While television cameras focused on the main event between Zhirinovsky and Tishkovskaya, they missed a separate altercation between Zhirinovsky and Volkova, according to the leader of the New Regional Policy faction, Andrei Belayev.

He said Volkova attempted to help Tishkovskaya by blocking Zhirinovsky's way, but was brusquely thrown aside. She fell and consequently cut her mouth.

Her doctors said she had suffered mild concussion.

The brawl started when nationalist deputy Nikolai Lysenko ripped a silver cross from the neck of the defrocked priest and liberal deputy Gleb Yakunin. When Zhirinovsky joined in the attack, Tishkovskaya intervened.

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