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Duma Deputy May Lose Immunity

The State Duma’s Credentials and Ethics Commission has recommended stripping a lawmaker from the Liberal Democratic Party of parliamentary immunity at the request of the Investigative Committee, which wants to charge him with fraud, Interfax said Thursday.

Deputies will vote on the measure against Ashot Yegiazaryan on Friday, the report said. His party said it would not support the motion. United Russia, which has a majority in the Duma, said it was undecided on the matter.

Yegiazaryan is outside the country because his life and his family would be in danger, he said late Thursday in a statement obtained by Interfax. The deputy requested the opportunity to participate in Friday’s meeting by telephone or video link, the report said.

He did not return to work after the summer recess and is accused of swindling $87 million during the reconstruction of Hotel Moskva, located across the street from the Duma, Interfax reported. Yegiazaryan has accused rivals of being behind the charges.

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