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Drunk Man Drives 'Tank' Into Home A picture of the vehicle posted on the police department's website shows the scale of the damage.

Awoman inthe Ural Mountains village ofBeryozovo called police at3 a.m. Friday saying atank had been driven intoher yard.

When police arrived, they determined that the“tank,”which had bulldozed afence andgarage before stopping infront ofa house, was infact a14-ton all-terrain vehicle.

But the vehicle resembled atank so much that one 80-year-old resident wondered whether war had broken out, astatement onthe regional police department’s website says.

Because ofthe driver’s intoxicated condition, police couldn’tquestion him until thefollowing morning. He expressed confusion over how he’d wound up inBeryozovo.

The man works as a mechanic in the area. Because of the incident, he faces misdemeanor charges, theloss ofhis driver’s license andpossibly theloss ofhis job.

Police are checking todetermine whether thedriver stole thevehicle, inwhich case he will be charged with unlawful acquisition ofa vehicle, which carries amaximum punishment offive years inprison.

He will also have topay thehomeowner fordamages tothe property.

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