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Bloodhound Gang May Be Banned From Russia

Following an incident last week when the band's bass player shoved a Russian flag into his pants, the U.S. rock group Bloodhound Gang may be barred from future entry into Russia.

The head of the Federation Council Committee on Information Policy, Ruslan Gattarov, has sent a request to ban the group to the Federal Migration Service, Interfax reported.

"They violated Russian law; desecration of the national emblem or the national flag implies a penalty of imprisonment for up to a year, compulsory labor for the same amount of time or arrest for three to six months," Gattarov said.

The senator said that since the band members cannot be penalized as the law states, they should be held responsible under the law "On the Procedure for Exit and Entry into the Russian Federation."

The group departed Russia on Sunday after being pelted with eggs and tomatoes in the Anapa airport. At the request of Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky the band's scheduled show at the Kuban festival was canceled.

A day before shoving the Russian flag in his pants at an Odessa concert, bassist Jared Hasselhoff urinated on the Ukrainian flag in Kiev.

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