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3 Men Arrested in Cannibalism Case

A homeless man in Kamchatka is suspected of killing a man and recruiting two friends to chop up the body and fry parts of it to eat, news agencies reported Monday.

Investigators believe that a 35-year-old ex-convict killed the victim and then with two friends chopped up the body with knives and an ax and dumped parts on streets of the far eastern region's capital, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, senior prosecutor's assistant Olga Filatova said.

Also, "the criminals cut off the muscle tissue of the victim, fried the meat in a pan and ate it," Filatova said, Interfax reported.

The crime took place last year. The victim's identity has not been established.

The 35-year-old homeless man -- who previously served time in prison for murder -- will stand trail on murder charges, reported. The other men, aged 33 and 45, face charges of concealing a serious crime. There is no article in the Criminal Code that specifically punishes cannibalism.

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