Moscow to Appeal Interpol's Refusal to Place Khodorkovsky on Wanted List

Edgar Su / Reuters

Moscow plans to appeal Interpol's refusal to place Mikhail Khodorkovsky — the exiled former oil tycoon turned political opposition figure — on an international wanted list, the Kommersant newspaper reported Wednesday, citing an unidentified source.

"As the decision was carried out in contravention of legal procedure, without a special independent committee's resolution on whether there were political motives behind [Khodorkovsky's] criminal prosecution, Russia will send an appeal to Interpol," the source said, Kommersant reported.

Russia will demand that an independent committee properly examine the request, the source added.  

Khodorkovsky is facing murder charges in Moscow. The Interpol general secretariat refused to declare him internationally wanted on Feb. 12, claiming that Moscow's request was politically motivated, Kommersant reported.

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