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Russia in Review: The Biggest Stories of 2020

From a global pandemic that rattled its healthcare system and economy to massive protests and conflict in its "near abroad," 2020 was a year of unprecedented challenges for Russia.

All year long, Russia grappled with the Covid-19 pandemic as it became one of the world's most-infected countries and raced to develop a vaccine against the virus. Meanwhile, popular uprisings in post-Soviet allies Belarus and Kyrgyzstan — as well as a six-week war between Armenia and Azerbaijan — brought instability to Russia's periphery.

In July, President Vladimir Putin solidified his ability to rule until 2036 via a nationwide constitutional vote. Weeks later, opposition figure Alexei Navalny fell suddenly ill in what European scientists later concluded was a poisoning with the Novichok nerve agent.

The Moscow Times looks back at footage from the events that shaped Russia's year.