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Yandex Lavka - 20 min. grocery delivery


All of you surely know Yandex. As maps, as navi, as a taxi, as a food delivery or as a metro app. But did you know that “Yandex Eat” has a new grocery delivery feature?
Yandex eat Yandex website

This is called “Yandex Lavka” and with this function you can easily order groceries directly from a small warehouse close to your home. And the best thing is that it will be delivered within 20 minutes, for free or only a small fee, depending on the quantity.

We have tried it ourselves and were so enthusiastic that we absolutely had to share it with you. It sounds like advertising, but don't worry, we are just really excited about this feature and share it on Moscowliving without getting paid for it. We think this new feature is really handy, especially if you are cooking and you notice that ingredients are missing or if you just don't feel like shopping.

Click on the link below, to read the full article, how does "Yandex Lavak" works and where to find it.  


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