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Russia Recaptures the Reichstag

It was supposed to be a grand reenactment of one of the most iconic events of World War II: the storming of Reichstag in April-May 1945 by Soviet forces. 

Several hundred participants from different historical groups and societies clashed in a mock battle that reportedly took the Russian Society for Military History six months to prepare.

However, several crucial details were amiss: The dome of the model Reichstag constructed specially for the occasion looked more like the modern airy glass dome designed by Sir Norman Foster in the 1990s. 

And the flag planted on top of it was a simple red hammer-and-sickle banner, the flag of the Soviet Union, rather than the official Victory Banner raised by three Soviet soldiers, Alexei Berest, Mikhail Yegorov, and Meliton Kantaria, on May 1, 1945.