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Russian Internet Users Say Trump Gave a Wonderful, Communist Inauguration Speech


Donald Trump is now the president of the United States of America. At the time of this writing, Trump hasn’t even tweeted yet from his official “POTUS” account, though he already has millions of subscribers anxiously awaiting his next steps in the campaign to rescue the American hellscape he described in his inauguration speech on Friday.

Trump’s big day was headline news in Russia, of course, where you’ll find one of the few countries on Earth that overwhelmingly supported the Republican’s candidacy even when it was in its infancy.

Russian jokesters on Twitter certainly had their eye on President Trump’s inauguration speech, which more than a few Internet users compared to Communist rhetoric popular during the Soviet era. Trump’s focus on revitalizing American industry — particularly his vision for boosting industry and infrastructure by means of the state — struck many as the fervor of the New Soviet Man, the archetype of an industrious and devoted citizen in the U.S.S.R.

Trump: I intentionally wore my red necktie today — the same one I wore when I was accepted into the [Soviet] Pioneers [the Communists’ equivalent of the Boy Scouts] in 1955.

What a nitemare. Trump’s inauguration: peace to the peoples, factories to the workers, land to the peasants, and NATO can go to hell. America will build Communism by 2025!

Others placed President Trump’s rhetoric a bit later in Soviet history:

Trump is promising to rebuildnut’ [a Russification of the word “rebuild”] America. Basically it’s Perestroika. :)

The popular Ukrainian parody account “Everything Is Terrible” shared a cosmic reflection on Trump’s speech:

Trump’s a special case. Either he’ll fail worse than Nixon, or his presidential address will be listened to by the astronauts who land on Mars.

Moscow city councilman Ernest Makarenko, meanwhile, found time to celebrate before any Mars mission, declaring the day a victory for Russia.

That’s it! Trump is president! The U.S. is ours!

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