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CIA Declassifies Archive of Soviet Jokes in English

RIA Novosti Archive / Wikicommons

The CIA has declassified a document containing a large collection of Soviet era jokes in English, the Meduza news website has reported.

The material was prepared for the CIA's deputy head of administration, but it is not known why the jokes were included.

The document contains both popular and lesser known jokes from the Soviet era, including the following examples: 

"A man walks into a shop. He asks the clerk, "You don't have any meat?" The clerk says, "No, here we don't have any fish. The shop that doesn't have any meat is across the street."

"An American explains to a Russian that the United States is a truly free country because he can stand in front of the White House and shout 'To hell with Ronald Reagan!' The Russian says that this is nonsense, because he can easily stand in Red Square and shout 'To hell with Ronald Reagan."

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