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Russian TV Host Kiselyov Admits Mistakes in TV Report

Dmitry Kiselyov

Celebrated Russian TV host Dmitry Kiselyov has called a disparaging French TV report into his program a “controversy between channels.”

Journalists from Le Petit Journal, a French news and entertainment program hosted by Canal+, reported that interviewees in Kisilev's news program “Vesti Nedeli” had been misquoted.

Le Petit Journal tracked down a number of people who had been interviewed for a “Vesti Nedeli” special report on protests in France and showed them how their words had been translated. All said they had been misquoted or mistranslated, with some saying that the quotes attributed to them had been simply invented.

“We will deal with this in the next Vesti Nedeli on Sunday,” said Kiselyov, a deputy-director at Russia's state television company Rossia 1 . The TV host told Russian newspaper Kommersant that “we occasionally miss things.”

The broadcast is one of many on Russian television that portray Europe as dysfunctional, awash with migrants and riven with social strife. Earlier this year a detailed report about a Russian-speaking girl supposedly abducted and sexually abused by migrants in Berlin was revealed as a fake.

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