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Moscow Metro Crash Victims Given Nearly $5 Million Compensation

More than 170 million rubles ($4.7 million) has been distributed in compensation for damages caused by last month's deadly Moscow metro derailment, Russia's National Union of Liability Insurers said Tuesday.

Compensation has been dispersed among 107 injured passengers, as well as the families of 18 victims whose lives were lost in the accident, the union said in a statement.

Consideration of an additional 159 compensation claims is still under way.

Another 190 million rubles ($5.2 million) in compensations could be shelled out in the near future, according to the union.

Three metro cars derailed between the Slavyansky Bulvar and Park Pobedy stations on the Dark Blue Line during the morning rush hour on July 15, killing 24 commuters and injuring some 200 others.

The accident, the deadliest in the metro's 79-year history, is thought to have been caused by a faulty railway switch that had been fastened with wire that could not withstand the pressure of passing trains.

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