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Stray Dogs Kill 5 Kangaroos at Kaliningrad Zoo

Five kangaroos have been mauled to death after a pack of stray dogs got into their enclosure at Kaliningrad Zoo.

Four Bennett's tree kangaroos and a grey kangaroo were killed in the attack, which took place early Friday, though a young cub managed to survive as it was hidden inside its mother's pouch, Interfax reported.

Zookeepers were unaware that the mother, who was killed by the dogs, had given birth and will now attempt to raise the baby by themselves. The three-month-old cub was given the name "Zhiva," or "Alive," in a nod to her miraculous escape.

Two Bennett's tree kangaroos and eight grey kangaroos remain at the zoo following Friday's attack.

This is not the first time that a pack of strays has managed to enter an animal enclosure at Kaliningrad Zoo. In 2009, a red deer and a mountain goat were killed after wild dogs got into their pen.

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