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Lithuania President Asks NATO to Protect Country From 'Crimea-Style' Scenario

Francois Lenoir / ReutersLithuania's President Dalia Grybauskaite waves as she arrives at a European Union leaders summit in Brussels, Belgium.

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite has urged NATO to deploy troops in the country and said Russian authorities should bury any hope of a "Crimea-style scenario" in Lithuania, a news report said.

Grybauskaite, who attended military exercises Tuesday during which Lithuanian troops practiced repelling enemy attacks, said there is a "vital" need for troops from the Western defense alliance, joined by the three ex-Soviet republics Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania in 2004.

"When we see the increasingly complex situation on the borders of Lithuania and Europe, when Russia is practically destroying the entire sense of security in Europe," she said, NR Baltija reported.

Grybauskaite called Russia's actions in Ukraine "unpredictable, uncontrolled," the Lithuania Tribune said.

"We see a country that is acting aggressively, brutally, ignoring everyone," she said. "In such a situation it is really very important for all countries to have a common position, common understanding, and find ways to peacefully ... find a solution and stop the aggressor."

NATO will triple its usual number of fighter jets patrolling the Baltic airspace next month, increasing the mission to 12 from its current four fighters, an alliance official has said. The jets are on call to respond to any violations of Baltic airspace.


NATO to Triple Baltic Air Patrol in May

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