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Aeroflot Willing to Pay $160,000 for Catchy Airline Jingle

State-run national airline Aeroflot wants its own jingle and is ready to pay musicians 6 million rubles ($160,000) to come up with one.

According to the corresponding tender published on the government's official procurement website, the company needs a short corporate jingle in which the word "Aeroflot" is sung, and which contains short phrases that reflect the attributes of the Aeroflot brand.

The composition must attract people's attention and encourage them to choose to fly with Aeroflot, the requirements attached to the tender say.

Furthermore, the jingle must be catchy but cannot contain any profanity or advertising of products and services not linked to Aeroflot.

Applications will be accepted until Sept. 24, 2014, with the winner of the tender to be announced on Oct. 9, 2014. The jingle must be finished by Dec. 15, 2014.

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