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Sleepy Muscovite Finds Enormous Snake in Bed

It is not clear how the reptile gained access to the property, though earlier this month a snake was reported missing in Ostankino.

A meter-long snake has been apprehended after slithering into bed with a Muscovite, a local news station reported Wednesday.

The snake, which was perhaps just looking for company, wriggled into bed while squatting at a flat in northern Moscow's Ostankino neighborhood, Moskva-24 reported. The homeowners managed to capture and contain the snake before calling the relevant authorities, the report said.

It is not clear how the reptile gained access to the property, though earlier this month a snake was reported missing in Ostankino. This is only the latest episode in a spate of snake-related incidents across the country.

Russian media on Tuesday reported that a young girl had been killed by a snake bite in the central Russian city of Vladimir, while a women visiting the southern seaside town of Tuapse had been hospitalized with severe injuries after having been bitten by a cobra while attempting to pose with it for a photo.

Last month, a 1 1/2-meter snake was discovered in the bathtub in the town of Zelenograd, just north of Moscow, the Interfax news agency reported. The snake, which was poisonous, was caught and killed by members of the Emergency Situations Ministry, the report said.

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