EU Will Discuss Lifting Russia Sanctions at Munich – McCain

Gage Skidmore / FlickrU.S. senator John McCain

European Union leaders will discuss the possibility of lifting the sanctions against Russia on the sidelines of the upcoming Munich Security Conference, U.S. Senator John McCain told the Sputnik news agency Wednesday, RIA Novosti reported.

“It won't be out in the open at the conference, but there will be a lot of conversations [about this] among the Europeans,” McCain said.

The Munich Security Conference is due to take place from Feb. 12-14. Among the key topics on the agenda at the conference this year are the war in Syria, the refugee crisis and issues of European security.

The EU and U.S. imposed sanctions against Russia in 2014 over its annexation of the Crimean peninsula and its actions in eastern Ukraine.

In December, European leaders extended anti-Russian sanctions for another six months.

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