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Skier Schaffelhuber Takes Gold for Germany in Sitting Super-G

ROSA KHUTOR — Germany's Anna Schaffelhuber grabbed her second gold at the Sochi Paralympic Games on Monday, scorching to victory at the sitting super-G event.

The 21-year-old, who won the downhill on Saturday, proved her class once again, leaving second-placed Claudia Loesch of Austria 2.09 seconds behind.

As in the downhill event, bronze went to two-time 2006 champion Laurie Stephens of the U.S.

The competition was marred by an accident to downhill silver medalist Alana Nichols, who was airlifted to hospital after crashing towards the top of the course.

On Saturday, her compatriot Tyler Walker also was taken off the course by helicopter, but appeared to escape serious injury.

The race applied the principle of so-called calculated time, in which each athlete's times is modified by a percentage reflecting the extent of their disability.

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