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A new Belgian restaurant in Moscow

A new Belgian restaurant with an exclusive beer collection has opened near to the Red Square at Bolshoy Cherkassky Lane this month. ‘Trappist’ is the first Moscow project of a famous St. Petersburg restaurant group called ‘Dreamteam’, made in collaboration with the ‘Pivbar’s founder Andrei Serganov. The main focus here is the most comprehensive variety of Belgian beer in Moscow, which includes exclusive Goses and Lambics, each of 11 existing Belgian trappists on taps and special beer cocktails.

Moscow’s "Trappist" comes in more miniature and modern version. There are 18 blends of beer on tap and 100 in bottles. Draft beers will be constantly updated according to the season and new arrivals, and the bottle collection will soon reach the scale of St. Petersburg’s - currently it has 219 Belgian varieties. The Moscow location represents the richest collection of Goses and Lambics in Russia: for example, there are rare Cantillon, Oud Beersel or a blend of Japanese cherries and Belgian Lambik by Owa-De Troch. In addition, Trappist has four types of non-alcoholic beer, compact sections with wine and strong drinks. Beer cocktails are a specialty here that represents the artistic and modern approach to the beer by the authors of this project. Here they experiment and look for new tastes – starting from the variations of the classical Radler (German beer cocktail with lemonade) and finishing with the twist of Aperol spritz which is a cider base.

B.Cherkassky per., 15-17, build.1

Tel: +7 (495) 142 78 28

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