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Zhirinovsky Tells Party Members to Have Less Sex

MTVladimir Zhirinovsky promising to cleanse the country.

Liberal Democratic leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky has demanded that party members abstain from excess by having sex no more than three to four times a year.

"The influence of pornography, porn tapes and various frivolous films have produced a norm among the younger generation: the more [sex] the better." Zhirinovsky said Tuesday, RIA Novosti reported.

"The less [sex], the better. And only when there is a mutual desire. As a standard, once a quarter — or three to four times a year — is enough," the LDPR leader, known for grabbing headlines with his statements, said.

In addition to refraining from sexual activity, Zhirinovsky added that a healthy lifestyle included abstinence from alcohol, tobacco and eating meat. In November, Zhirinovsky said his party members would gradually all become vegetarians.

However, a member of the LDPR said that Zhirinovsky's remarks about sex were only a joke intended for a "bored press." Deputy Sergei Ivanov said,"Do you think Zhirinovsky is that stupid, as to tell deputies, members of the party or ordinary citizens how many times he should associate with the opposite sex?"

Indeed, Zhirinovsky may have had difficulty enforcing his new guidelines. According to studies conducted by Durex in 2008, Russian respondents said they had sex 143 times a year on average, while about 80 percent said they had sex at least once a week.

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