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Disney to Air TV Show on Russian School, But Filmed in Estonia

Anew television show developed byDisney andChannel One will feature theadventures ofstudents ata Russian school— but all thefilming will be carried out inEstonia.

Thefamily-friendly show, “After School,” was made especially forthe Russian market andwill debut atmidnight Friday on the state-runChannel One.

Each weekly episode will feature aninth- or 10th-grade student ata regular Russian school.

But theseries, thefirst tobe produced under acollaboration between theU.S. entertainment giant andChannel One, will be filmed entirely inTallinn, Interfax reported Tuesday, citing Channel One.

Co-producer Andrei Boltenko said theBaltic city was chosen forits “fabulous andnonbourgeois atmosphere,” Rossiiskaya Gazeta reported Monday.

Thehead ofDisney Russia, Marina Zhigalovo-Ozkan, told thenewspaper that theshow feeds onthe best traditions ofSoviet TV shows such as “Prikluchenia Elektronika” (The Adventures ofthe Electronic Boy), which, incidentally, was also filmed inthe Baltics, inthis case Lithuania.

Channel One head Konstantin Ernst praised theshow Tuesday as a“fresh” way toreach ayoung audience more tuned in tothe Internet than television.

“I am delighted that our first joint project with Disney has turned out tobe so fresh andnot banal,” he said, Interfax reported. “I think this is theonly way tointerest ayoung audience brought up onthe Internet.”

Several well-known actors will star inthe series, including Sergei Shakurov inthe role ofthe principal, Ksenia Rappoport as thedeputy principal andSpanish teacher, andMikhail Porechenkov as thePE teacher.

Theshow will air on Fridays atmidnight andbe suitable forall audiences. Nine episodes have been ordered so far.

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