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Depressed Mrs. Russia Quits Over Unflattering Interview (Video)

Rossia journalist Boris Sobolev questioning Mrs. Russia 2012 Inna Zhirkova (Russian only).

The winner of the Mrs. Russia 2012 beauty pageant has given up her crown two weeks after an unflattering television interview went viral on YouTube in which she was stumped by simple questions such as whether the Earth revolves around thesun.

Inna Zhirkova, the 23-year-old mother of two and wife of Makhachkala Anzhi soccer star Yury Zhirkov, has fallen into a state of depression after the interview attracted a barrage of ridicule, Komsomolskaya Pravda reported.

She has decided to step down as Mrs. Russia, a title that she won in November, and will not participate in the contest this year, the newspaper said.

Zhirkova's supporters say she was baited by a reporter with Rossia state television, who interviewed her as part ofan documentary about beauty pageant scams titled "Crowned Heads." Atwo-minute segment fromthe film was subsequently posted on YouTube with thetitle, "Footballist Zhirkov's Wife: She Has Money but No Brains." The clip has racked up more than 4.7 million views and hundreds of biting comments over the past two weeks.

In the interview, the reporter notes that Zhirkova was crowned as themost beautiful and"active" mother inRussia andasks her how she is active.

Zhirkova replies that she actually is not active. Asked whether she has ever held ajob, she replies, "For now I have not had any need towork."

Later the reporter asks Zhirkova whether theEarth revolves around thesun or thesun revolves around theEarth. Aflustered-looking Zhirkova says, "Probably thesun— no, theEarth." When pressed tochose one, she laughs andsays, "I don't know!"

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