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City Mistakenly Plants Marijuana Field Instead of Lawn

Creative CommonsAuthorities removed more than 230 marijuana plants growing near a metro station.

After the city spread soil containing "grass" seeds around the Brateyevo metro station, a field of marijuana plants sprouted up instead of a lawn.

But don't go rushing over there with your bong.

Federal agents have already uprooted more than 230 of the illicit weeds, RIA-Novosti reported Thursday, citing the Federal Drug Control Service.

The Brateyevo metro station is under construction in the city's south end. Workers had filled the area with the soil as part of the development project.

The soil is currently being replaced. An investigation is under way to determine its supplier as well as why it was filled with the seeds of a psychotropic plant that can also be turned into practical items such as rope, lip balm and clothing.

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